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Sinoway audiovisual integration



Sinoway audiovisual integration



Sinoway audiovisual integration





Sinoway audiovisual system integration



Sinoway audiovisual system integration



Audiovisual System

To display information on a dynamic video and audio platform

Empowering the way people communicate and collaborate is what drives audiovisual designs today. Technology used to dictate how we operate, but now it liberates us to do more from anywhere — smarter, intuitively and faster. Because the best AV systems aren’t about loudspeakers or screens, microphones or cameras. They’re about people and the information they have to share.

彦瀚实业(上海)有限公司 系统集成 智能中控 视频会议 maxhub  broadcast system sinoway audiovisual AV

Central Control

Command & Control AV Technology

with a simple touch

Seamless Technology

Designing, building and integrating for today’s modern command & control rooms has to be done correctly. With high level personnel making split second decisions that can have serious consequences it’s imperative that your command and control room is not only functional but highly efficient. Elements like AV equipment, lighting, shades and even furniture ergonomics come into play to make a successful meeting room actionable.

Integration Experience

When your mission critical information is coming in from many sources, trust that Sinoway has the years of integration experience to make sure that information comes in correctly and timely. When times are tense in a meeting room, the last thing you need to worry about is your AV system working correctly. We will evaluate all of your integration needs and make sure all of the critical systems are tied in to provide the control that your team needs to perform.

Crestron UI design audiovisual
crestron keypad engraving audivisual sinoway technology
iPad crestron control meeting room.jpeg
彦瀚实业(上海)有限公司 系统集成 智能中控 视频会议 maxhub  video conference system sinoway

Unified Communication

Collaborate with Anyone,

Anywhere, on Any Device

With high-speed data, cryptography, and widely distributed sites, the technology has evolved rapidly. We’ve evolved with it. Sinoway provides a wide variety of high-quality audio and video conference set-ups, whether you’re regional or global.

Broadcast System

Reach a Wide Audience on a Personal Level

From the site survey to the layout map to the final integration, we will partner with your project team to make sure that your project goals are met on time and within budget. Let’s get your voice heard.


Classroom Interactive

Facilitate dynamic learning, critical thinking, and student engagement

Endless Possibilities 

The possibilities are endless when the students and teacher have the tools to facilitate learning. Interactive displays and software connect student, lesson content and devices into unified learning experiences.

彦瀚实业(上海)有限公司 系统集成 智能中控 视频会议 maxhub  interactive calssroom maxhub
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